DAY 1 - Tuesday 30th January

7.55am Opening chair remarks

8.00 am: Opening panel: Interactive Sports Analytics

- Data pervades sports across the entire spectrum of participation: whether it is tracking data in professional sports right down to capturing the raw video data of a high-school football game. Equally, it pervades nearly all potential applications, whether it be broadcast, social media or coaching.

- With this glut of data available in both structured in unstructured formats, how is new technology be developed and applied which will enable users/consumers to interact and identify points of interest?

- How can we make performance data more relevant and immersive for sports fans?

Stephen Byrd , Director, Technology Integration and Development,NASCAR Christopher Schlosser, SVP Digital, Major League Soccer

Sean O’Brien , Director of Analytics & Research, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Kurt Zwald, Senior Manager, Business Development, Boston Red Sox

Alisha Valavanis , President & General Manager, Seattle Storm

8.40am: Barca Innovation Hub: a new strategic tool to address key challenges in performance data analytics and their use for fan engagement

Albert Mundet , Head of Knowledge Area, Barca Innovation Hub

8.55am: Nike’s attempt to break the 2 hour marathon barrier and its insight into performance analysis and approach to fan engagement

Brett Kirby , Lead Physiologist, Next Generation Research, Nike

9.10 am: Panel: The future of sports broadcasting

- How the future of sport broadcasting is uniquely positioned between the analogue paradigm of long-standing television broadcast networks and the digital prototype of agile new entrants

- Embracing all the new ways fans are viewing content beyond the television set, including on mobile, tablets and OTT

- Focus on live and exclusive sports properties: Satisfying viewer’s craving for immediate access to all genres of content

- Battle for broadcasting rights and new revenue opportunities being considered Jason Wormser, VP, Production, Soccer, FOX Sports

David Tetreault , Executive Vice President, Media & Entertainment, Golden Boy Promotions David Dinkins Jr, SVP and Executive Producer, Sports & Event Programming, Showtime Ryan Currier, VP Digital Business & Products, Pac-12 Networks

9.40 am: Panel: The challenges in using athlete biometric data to develop interactive content for sports fans

- Who owns the data? Understanding the privacy and property rights of athletes.

- Can biomechanical and physiological data be collected to help athletes and also engage with fans? If biometric data is owned by the athletes and subject to privacy and intellectual property rights, how can leagues, teams and unions incorporate this information to create robust fan engagement experiences of the future?

- Taking a collaborative approach to optimize revenue generation opportunities while mitigating risk.

Joe Rogowski , Director of Sports Medicine & Research, National Basketball Players Association

Kristy Gale , Advisory Board Director, Biometric Data Optimization & Protection Institute, Founder & CEO, Hypergolic Enterprises, and consultant, Sports Data Strategies

Bob Lenaghan , Assistant General Counsel, Major League Baseball Players Association Thomas Grilk , CEO, Boston Athletic Association

John Capodilupo, CTO & Co-Founder, WHOOP

UFC (tbc)

10.20 am: Morning refreshments and workshops: How psychology and data influence brand identity

- Creative execution is a research function. Why personality-driven data should lead marketing and creative decisions.

- Using quantitative research to test solutions and understand market perceptions.

- Human personality and psychology as the fundamental drivers for authentic brand identity.

Tyler Borders , Co-Founder, Dartlet

Darin White, Ph.D , Executive Director, Founding Director of Sports Marketing Program, Samford University Center for Sports Analytics

SlingStudio workshop

Jeff Sasagawa , Director of Product Management, DISH Technologies, a subsidiary of DISH Network

Future of sports broadcasting

The quantified athlete and team performance

10.50 am: Opening chairperson remarks

Joanna Popper , Media & Technology Executive & Advisor

Panel: Bringing a fully immersive digital experience to our global fan base

- How producers are using modern innovations to immerse audiences in the action: eg applying

‘multi-perspective functionality’ to broadcasts to give the audience a choice of viewing angles and audio commentary

- Using innovative technologies to enhance fan experience

- virtual and augmented reality, drone footage for live broadcasts, etc.

- Creating compelling storylines from complex data Neil Bandoni, Director, Digital Video Strategy, X Games, ESPN Bill Schlough, SVP CIO, San Francisco Giants

Sam Li , Head of Content Acquisition & Strategic Partnerships, Sina Sports

Michael Moser , Head of Product Development, Sportradar Jeb Terry, VP Emerging Technology & Head of PROcast, FOX Sports

11.25am: Storytelling lessons from the WWE

John Scheler , Vice President, Operations, Talent, Live Events & Creative, WWE

11.40am: America’s Cup: Social media, livestreams and engagement

- The big story behind 780 Facebook posts driving 160 million impressions in just under 2 months - the strategy, planning and results

Graeme Harrison , Head of Digital, America's Cup

10.45am: Innovation and Analysis lessons learnt from over 25 years in High Performance Sport: Examples from the GB and NZ Olympic systems

Stafford Murray , Innovation Manager, High Performance New Zealand

11.00 am: Development of a real-time performance measurement and feedback systems to train medal contenders in the Winter Olympics

- Testing physical abilities of the athletes in terms of strength and power - assessments to direct training and determine overall fitness.

- Thermal imaging to identify potential injury problems, return to play, and other uses

- Monitoring elite athletes - the link from preparation to performance

William Sands , Sports Scientist,US Ski & Snowboard Association

11.20am: Presentation title tbc

Scott McLean , Director of Human Innovation Research, Fitbit

11.35am: Shaping the future of sport through innovation Blayne Hettinga, Sports Science, Future, Running, Adidas

New chairperson - Luke James, Director, Sports Innovation Network

11.55am: An new football league is giving fans the keys to run 8 teams

Sohrob Farudi , CEO, Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL)

12.10 pm: Offering the VR experience to fans

- Using virtual reality (VR) to allow fans to virtually attend and experience live sport from anywhere in the world.

- What are the optimal live streaming options? And how can we establish commercial models across brands, consumers and rights holders to realize the potential of this immersive technology?

Chris Culbertson , VP Marketing, World Surf League

12.25 pm: Panel: Live streaming on social media and OTT platforms

- How will the increase in live streaming on social media compete with traditional media outlets and sport programming? How will sports leagues, associations and teams use this change to grow their fan bases, marketing reach and offer tailored sponsorship solutions?

- Impact of digital on broadcasting rights

- Where is the value? How livestreaming games on social media allows the unique opportunity to offer a platform for real-time conversation back and forth with the fanbase. What does this mean for brand advertising and premium solutions?

Julie Kikla , Head of Content Strategy, Content Acquisitions and Media Distribution, GoPro

Laura Froelich , Global Director of Sports Partnerships, Twitter Qianna Smith, Director, Social Media & Strategy, United States Tennis Association/US Open

Eric Sanlnocencio , Senior Director, Digital Media, Houston Texans

11.50 am: Panel: Next generation of quantified sports innovations

- Determining the magnitude of influence of each variable on performance outcomes.

- Correlating multiple variables to determine cause and effect so that the right variables can be targeted and manipulated. Breaking performance down into separate entities (eg. biomechanics, body composition, hydration etc) to generate marginal gains.

- Using legacy data to determine what’s important to track in the competitive environment

- Psychological factors and mental training for elite performance

Mounir Zok , Director of Technology & Innovation, US Olympic Committee

Rami Hashish , Principal. National Biomechanics Institute Jason Vescovi, Ph.D, Lead Sport Science & Medicine Program, Tennis Canada

12.20pm: Panel: Creating a high performance culture and supporting coaches with the latest technological innovations

- What do we mean by a high performance culture? What does it look like? What do you hear, see and feel when in one?

- How to best engage coaches in the ongoing and rapidly evolving technological solutions

- How to optimise adoption, the key to successful implementation

- How to build a future proof roadmap, rather than short term solutions

Lindsay Mintenko , National Team MD, USA Swimming Sam Timmermans, Head of Sports Intelligence, UK Sport

Phil Bastron , High Performance Programs Manager, USA Track & Field

Billy Demong , Executive Director, USA Nordic Sport

12.50pm: Lunch and workshops

13.00 pm: Sports technology: investment priorities and adoption [held in the main plenary room]

- How the consumption of sports is changing, where are new technology being applied? How are innovators changing the way fans consume content and monetize data?

- What are the leading characteristics that VCs find attractive when investing in sports tech startups?

Chair: Tai Hsia , Managing Director, XY Ventures

Tracy Hughes , Founder & CEO, Silicon Valley Sports Ventures Art Chou, Managing Director, Stadia Ventures

Joey Brander , President/Managing Partner, First Serve Partners Michael Broughton, Partner/Co-Founder,Sports Investment Partners TA McCann, Board Member,Volt Athletics & Advisor, Inkwell

13.00 pm: Connecting and interacting with college sports fans

- Universities and colleges are training grounds for the next, best athletes in professional sport; how this makes them alive with athletics marketing opportunities.

- How digital investment helps to maximise collegiate stadium (including season ticket holders) and merchandise revenues

- Digital technologies to attract, engage and delight fans and increase loyalty - from home to the stadium and beyond

- Ticket sales, donations/philanthropy, tv rights and how that all ties back in with technology an attracting a younger demographic

Chairperson: Nick Longworth, Director, Sports Innovation Network

Alexis Barlow , Director of Marketing, University of North Carolina

Patrick Kindig , Assistant Athletics Director, Digital Assets, Ohio State Athletics Kristina Nauman, Assistant Director of Social Media, Penn State Athletics Markeisha Everett, Director of Marketing, Sales & Fan Experience, Georgia Tech

Jeremy Gray , Senior Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communications & Fan Experience, Indiana University

John Corwin , Director of Marketing & Fan Experience, Intercollegiate Athletics, Cal

Engaging fans through rich sports content

Using data to develop team tactics and training loads

13.55 pm: Opening chairperson remarks - Dave Shore , Founder, Shore Sports Media

Panel: Baseball: Hitting a Home Run with fan engagement

- Using social media (Snapchat, Facebook Live) to bring behind-the-scenes footage and real-time raw footage with an authentic feel rather than a polished broadcast.

- There is no off-season: Moving beyond live game experience

- Recognizing loyalty: Finding ways to recognize, reward and record each fan interaction

- Season tickets

Royce Cohen , Senior Director, Business Development & Analytics, Los Angeles Dodgers

Mark Fine , Executive Director, Marketing,NY Mets Chip Maxson, GM, Sacramento Rivercats

Chris Giles , COO, Oakland Athletics

Iain Hutchinson , Chief Revenue Officer, Genius Sports

14.35pm: Reaktor presentation

Phil Readman , Product Design Lead, Reaktor New York John Powell, Product Design Lead, Reaktor New York

14.55 pm: Panel: Increasing fan engagement through quality communication, storytelling and growing digital reach

- What are the challenges in creating, analysing and delivering live data, video and editorial content for a generation which has now been brought up with a variety of different screens?

- Maximizing coverage with live streaming

- Emotionalizing digital content to build engaging stories

13.55pm: Opening chairperson remarks

13.55 pm: Presentation title

Garga Caserta , Performance Manager, Thorns FC

Stronger Together: Integrating Team-level Data Collection to Drive League-wide Improvement in Sports Performance

- The nuts and bolts of capturing data in the training room and on the field

- The integration of each team into a league-wide database and how this data is analyzed in Major League Soccer

- League policy changes and administrative initiatives guided by analytics to improve player and fan experiences

14.15pm: Monitoring training and match loads to optimise performance and manage injury risk in soccer

Will Sparkes , Sports Scientist, LA Galaxy

14.35 pm: Panel: Tactical analysis and improving performance in elite soccer

- Analyzing team tactics using detailed data from various sources including technical skill, individual physiological performance and team foundations which represent the complex processes underlying team tactical behaviour.

- Next-generation tracking technologies in addition to physiological training data collected through novel miniature sensor technologies.

Ben Sporer , Sports Science/Performance Advisor,Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Ryan Alexander , Director of Sports Science, Atlanta United Gary Curneen, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, California State

- Launching a digital loyalty program to reward enthusiastic fans

Rael Enteen , Director of Digital/Social Media, New York Jets Jerry Ferguson, Senior Director of Brand, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnerships

Daniel Brusilovsky , Digital Initiatives Lead, Golden State Warriors Ashley Wellington-Fahey , Founder & CEO, The Relish

15.25 pm: How Psychology and Data Transform Brand Identity

- Creative function is a research function

- Why personality-driven data should lead marketing and creative decisions

- Using quantitative research to test solutions and understand market perceptions

- Human personality and psychology as the fundamental drivers for authentic brand identity

Tyler Borders , Co-Founder, Dartlet

15.45 pm: Panel: Racing: Increasing fan engagement through quality communication, storytelling and growing digital reach Chairperson: Richard Amos , CTO & SVP Technology, Ostmodern

- What are the challenges in creating, analysing and delivering live data, video and editorial content for a generation which has now been brought up with a variety of different screens?

- Maximizing coverage with live streaming

- Emotionalizing digital content to build engaging stories

- Launching a digital loyalty program to reward enthusiastic fans

Roberto Kusabbi , Director of Digital & Marketing,Roborace Brian Gale, CEO, E/Racing League

Justin Haggerty , Founder & CEO, International Drone Racing Association

Zach Monette , Senior Digital Media Director, Team Novo Nordisk


15.00pm: Basketball, machine learning and data visualization Dr Luke Bornn , VP, Strategy and Analytics, Sacramento Kings

15.20 pm: Panel: Achieving success with sports analytics - a perspective from basketball

- Applying analytics to player development (including player evaluation), game-planning (including in-game decision making) physical training and roster construction.

- Predicting opposition plays and the most effective method of winning

- Allowing coaches and data analysis teams to have far more knowledge of players’ tendencies and how a certain group of players work together.

- Determining the optimal training load for elite basketball players

Kirk Goldsberry , Vice President of Strategic Research, San Antonio Spurs

Anthony So , Manager, Basketball Analytics, Phoenix Suns Paul Robbins, VP, Sports Performance, Kinexon

Tommy Balcetis , Director of Basketball Strategy & Analytics, Denver Nuggets

16.05 pm: Optimizing performance, recovery, and nutrition via microbiome sequencing and next generation probiotics.

- Optimizing athlete biology and personalized nutrition through metagenomic data

- Applying next-generation genomics technology to understand what makes elite athletes unique and perform at an optimal level.

- Sequencing athlete microbiomes to identify and isolate novel probiotics for applications in endurance, strength and recovery.

- Commercializing athlete probiotics to disrupt sports nutrition and promote health in the general population

Jonathan Scheiman, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, FitBiomics

16.25: Afternoon refreshments

Viewing the issue of fan engagement in pragmatic and strategic terms

Sports data analysis to support improved performance

16.40 pm: Opening chairperson remarks Ben Barker , Director, Monterosa

Panel: Investing in technology to keep fans informed and educated throughout a sporting competition

- Keeping fans engaged in the competition through other entertainment, video and music.

- Figuring out where to invest in technology and where to rely on what the arena has available, and how to effectively collaborate with the in-house staff.

- Technological tools to support competition delivery (eg. automated judging)

Tim Greenberg , Chief Community Officer,World Surf League Terry Powers, VP, USA Diving

Dave Liss , VP, Analytics & Strategy, Bleacher Report Jill Geer, Chief Marketing Officer, USA Track & Field

17.10pm: Pushing the limits through data and insight Matt Roberts , Global Research Director, Formula One

New chairperson

17.30pm: Engaging with modern fans by turning your stadium into a giant video game console

Alexander Hertel , CEO, Xperiel

17.50 pm: Panel: NHL: Building a loyal fan base to a 100 year old league

- Emotionalizing digital content to build engaging stories

- How we can continue the value of sports content after the final whistle?

- Using data on fan behaviour to forge a stronger connection with existing fans and attract new ones, as well as using technology to bring fresh perspectives to the game; eg. virtual-reality, tracking puck streams and other performance parameters.

- Using the cloud to deliver ‘enhanced stats’ and boosting engagement on multiple digital channels

- Creating compelling content and ensuring it is revenue generating to support the organisation. How media is continuing to evolve and change in the way it is consumed.

Doug Bentz , VP, of Marketing, San Jose Sharks

Aaron Teats , VP/Chief Marketing Officer, Anaheim Ducks Michael Marsocci, Manager, Data Analytics, LA Kings Marissa O’Connor, Director of Social Media Strategy, Arizona Coyotes

18.45pm: Close of session and drinks reception

16.40pm: Opening chairperson remarks

16.45pm: Getting the best performances: Insight from to back-to-back Stanley Cups

Andy O’Brien, Director of Performance, Pittsburgh Penguins

How do we communicate data analysis?

17.05pm: How to communicate with sailors on data during competition

Grant Spanhake , Technical Director, USA Sailing Using data to develop team tactics - Football

17.25 pm: Using data to influence team and player nutrition programming

- Understand what technology is available for assessing athlete readiness and recovery

- How to implement saliva, force plate, intramuscular energy stores, HRV measurements into team sports

- How to assist in behaviour change based on data collected Scott Sehnert, Director of Sports Performance, Dallas Cowboys

17.45 pm: Panel: How are tracking technologies and data analytics making NFL teams more competitive?

- How traditional and technological approaches must be combined (what can’t be measured [yet] by data science?)

- Capturing data in training and on the field. What

next-generation tracking technologies are being used by team to measure physiological training data and athletic skill?

- How computer software allows coaches to rethink or reinforce their decision-making, looking to science for guidance.

- Football is a game of strategy and risk management - how can technology enhance a team's performance and tactics?

- Adding the player’s voice to applying data analytics to their game


James Hanisch , Director of Performance Science, Philadelphia Eagles

Ryan Podell , Sports Science/Conditioning Coach, Indianapolis Colts Erik Korem, Director of Sports Science, Houston Texans

Dean Riddle , Applied Sports Science, Seattle Seahawks

Joe Gomes , Head, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Oakland Raiders 18.45pm: Close of session and drinks reception

DAY 2 - Wednesday 31st January

Redefining the fan experience through investment in technology

Scouting, recruitment and development in college sports

8.00 am: Opening chairperson remarks: Luke James , Director, Sports Innovation Network

Panel: Creating value around sporting events and monetizing digital audiences

- Investing in broadcasting technologies which transform the spectator experience and make thrilling performances featured at top-tier sporting events available on multiple platforms and formats. How can these distribution streams add value for sponsors and boost revenue.

- Sponsorship analysis: How do changes in the global consumption of media affect the present market in sponsorship? How are we measuring global reach of sports brands?

- How are ever more sophisticated digital suites supplementing fan experiences and adding revenue streams? New forms of interactive content

- Using data management platforms to connect all siloed fan data from online and offline systems to empower marketing efforts and technology investments.

Jeff Price , Chief Commercial Officer, PGA of America Ashwin Puri, VP, Strategy & Business Operations, Oakland Athletics

James Royer , Director of Digital Media & Strategy, Kansas City Chiefs

Jared Shawlee , Chief Operating Officer, San Jose Earthquakes Jean Jimenez, Director of Digital Products & Emerging Technologies, CONCACAF

8.40am: Establishing the Monumental 360 project

Adam Heintz , VP Business Intelligence, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

8.55am: Leveraging a social media platform to connect and engage with the next generation of sports fans

- How the Instagram platform has evolved into a dynamic social-media offering

Will Yoder , Sports Partnerships, Instagram

9.10am: Using virtual currency to reinvent the season ticket and build fan loyalty

John Paul , CEO, VenueNext

8.20am: Opening chairperson remarks - Nicholas Longworth , Director, Sports Innovation Network

8.25 am: Panel: Data-informed talent identification and scouting

- Measuring and tracking skills and capacities in young athletes to assess likelihoods of selection up to the next levels of development. Understanding the influence of acquiring those skills and capacities through training on the likely performance outcomes of athletes years down the road

- Drawing on historical data to provide a statistical profile of potential targets and allow comparison with your existing players or best in class benchmarks. Mining player profiles and statistics to more accurately assess the potential of different prospects in all different positions.

Bruno Costa , Head of Scouting,San Jose Earthquakes Don Welke, VP Scouting Operations, San Diego Padres JD Stephenson, Head Coach, USA Rugby, Men’s Junior All Americans

Beth Anderson , Program Director, Novice Women’s Coach, Oakland Strokes

College Sports

8.50 am: The Art of Sports Science - The future challenges for team sports?

- How traditional and technological approaches must be combined. Knowledge over data

- Bridging the theory - practice gap in elite sport

- How maximization is the enemy of optimisation

- Adding the player’s voice to applying data analytics to their game

Dr Fergus Connolly , Performance & Operations Director,University of Michigan Football

9.10am: Maximising student-athletes’ health and well-being, while optimizing their performance

Dave Hamilton , Assistant Athletic Director for Applied Health and Performance Science, Penn State University

9.30am: Using data to drive the business of high performance sport Andrew Murray , Director of Performance & Sport Science, University of Oregon

9.50am: Panel: Introducing data analytics to college sports

- Competition analytics for football and Olympic sports

9.25 am: Panel: Monetizing digital audiences with fan loyalty and data management solutions

- Using data management platforms to connect all siloed fan data from online and offline systems to empower marketing efforts and technology investments.

- Mobile apps as a efficient and profitable tool to engage and activate fans at live events (eg. purchase premium upgrades, locate seats and parking spots, food & beverage delivery and mobile point-of-service systems, stadium only promotions).

Kyle Eichman , Senior Director, Technology Solutions, Sacramento Kings

Johannes Waldstein , CEO & Founder, FanAI Inc

Damion Chatmon , Director of Emerging & Digital Technology Solutions, Cleveland Cavaliers

Kent Schacht , Senior Director, Data Strategy & Customer Engagement, USTA

10.00 am: Panel: Connected stadiums and arenas: Discussing the digital technology that stimulates memorable experiences for fans

- Building a new type of stadium which doesn’t just house fans but interacts with them.

- The pioneering use of IoT to fundamentally change how matches are played and watch.

- Mobile apps as a efficient and profitable tool to engage and activate fans at live events (eg. purchase premium upgrades, locate seats, food & beverage delivery).

- Pioneering projects: eg. Integrating the stadium’s big screen with the smartphone, digital signage that specifically targets different fans and their tastes

- Using digital suites to supplement fan experiences - live streaming coverage, high-definition instant replay and close-up videos, highlights, exclusive content and ‘behind the scenes’ footage.

- How agile technology dictates only part of the success of a connected venue, what are the challenges in designing, configuring, commissioning and tuning the solution?

Joe Januszewski , Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer,Texas Rangers

Rusty Matveev , VC, Madison Square Garden Company Bryan R. Sperber , President, ISM Raceway

Alexander Hertel , CEO, Xperiel

- Coaching by data: is analytics the future of management?

- Preventing injury and recognizing points of fatigue using tracking platforms for individual athletes

- Determining the magnitude of influence of each variable on performance outcomes. Correlating multiple variables to determine cause and effect so that the right variables can be targeted and manipulated.

- Communicating with campus administrators using data

- Using legacy data to determine what’s important to track in the competitive environment

Frank Wintrich , Director of Human Performance & Logistics,University of Virginia

Chris Morris , Director of Performance Science,University of Kentucky

Troy Arthur , Director of Academic and Membership Affairs, NCAA

10.30am: Morning refreshments

Why are consumer brands and young fans embracing these growing sports?

Keynote fireside chat

10.50am: Opening chair remarks and Panel: Mass participation in sport: How should we be engaging with fans, supporters, athletes and volunteers?

10.50am: The power of diversity in human performance: Skateboarding to Space

Andy Walshe , Strategic advisor in human performance

- How the next generation of personal health monitors and analytics to empower users in the field of health, motion tracking and performance.

- The ever increasing consumer popularity of mass participation sporting events provide an attractive proposition for brands. How can sponsors build a genuine connection with athletes? (eg. authenticity)

- With a spectrum of mass participation properties now in the market, how can we specifically segment participants and bring tailored messages/content

- Making every step count: How to maximise participation and fundraising; lessons for those marketing executives filling sporting arenas.

- Incorporating technology when it comes to customer service (eg. Chat Bots) and assist volunteers out in the field

Jerome Hiquet , Chief Marketing Officer,Tough Mudder Michael Nishi, SVP GM,Chicago Event Management

Sarah Cummins , Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships,

New York Road

Daniel Cassidy , CEO, Major League Triathlon

11.30 am: Panel: Brand strategy in digital sport: Impact, experiences and identities

- Evaluating the ROI of sports-related marketing opportunities - positive exposure for the brand, tangible benefits associated with the partnership, ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships with them, opportunity to create long-term value.

- How social media has become a vehicle in developing brand image and maximise ROI. Building a community and brand affinity through personal interactions, engaging content, campaigns and social activation.

- Making sports event advertising more precise

- Case studies: eg. Do the Olympic Games offer a unique combination of mass worldwide exposure and fostering of positive value. Creating value for B2B business by being technology/solution provider for large sporting events.

Frank Aldorf , Chief Brand Officer, Canyon Bicycles

Tak Kosugi, Senior Manager, Global Initiatives, Marketing & Communications, Panasonic

Gustavo Guerra , Tecate Brand Director,HEINEKEN USA Frank Huckabone, EVP/CRO, Fenway Sports Management

12.05 pm: Panel: Growing a sport’s popularity through youth engagement

- Creating high-octane events and broadcasts which are incredibly appealing to young viewers and increasingly accessible to a broad, global audience.

- Growing the success of a pro sports competition from an intercollegiate fan base

- How user generated content turns gripping competition into exciting engagement and how social media has

Hosted by Andrea Valdez, Editor,

Big data and football

11.20am: From Engineering to American Football: How data can help maximize team performance and help decision-making in coaching

Kratik Malhotra , Director of Sports Science & Analytics, Florida State University Football

Predictability, prevention and performance

11.40 am: Using technology to assess and create the ideal program for athletes, before injury occurs

- What to look for

- Cause & effect

- Asymmetry occurs prior to injuries, it is the precursor Elliott Williams, Director of Functional Performance, San Francisco 49ers


12.00pm: Opening Remarks: Chairperson: Vince Gennaro , Associate Dean, Tisch Institute for Sports Management, Media and Business, New York University

12.05 pm: Panel: Data analysis in evaluating pitching and hitting the ball in MLB

- Player acquisition: Looking at injury history, practice and game performance to evaluate future potential. Compiling individual player scouting reports; drawing on historical data to provide a statistical profile of potential targets and allowing comparison with existing players or best in class benchmarks.

- Applying data science to predict pitching patterns

- Mind Games: Looking at the psychology of elite performance in Baseball

Nick Ennis , Director, Baseball Operations, San Diego Padres Yeshayah Goldfarb, VP Baseball Operations, San Francisco Giants Additional panellists to be announced

12.40pm: Panel: Team USA Olympic Coaches and the High Performance Differential

"What’s the one thing that would give our coaches the edge and increase our medal count in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics?” This was a question posed by Mitch Moyer, Senior Director of Athlete High Performance at Team USA Figure Skating, a year ago.

The answer will be revealed at this session.

become a vehicle in developing brand image and maximise ROI

Matt Farrell , Chief Marketing Officer,USA Swimming Phil Andrews, CEO, USA Weightlifting

Ashley Dabb , Chief Marketing Officer, National Lacrosse League Simon Hoskins , CEO, USA Field Hockey

Kurt Weaver , Director, Youth & High School Rugby. USA Rugby

12.40 pm: Panel: eSports meets mainstream

- Why are consumer brands and sports embracing esports? (reaching a generation (21-35) with a completely different media consumption profile to older consumers; how games have become a global spectator sport; rapid growth in revenues from merchandise, ticketing, media rights, advertising and sponsorship).

- How brands and sports leagues are scoring points with eSports fans

- Growth beyond digital distribution and young male fans Bryan Healy, Chief Strategy Officer, Gfinity

Pavel Murnikov , VP Technology/CTO, Activision Blizzard Media Networks/MLG

Nik Adams , SVP Global Media Rights & Distribution, ESL Gaming Kent Wakeford, Co-Founder, COO, KSV eSports

Richard Amos , CTO & SVP Technology, Ostmodern


Jamie Staff , Coach and director, USA BMX

Guy Krueger, Coach, Manager for Coach Education, USA Archery Marcio Sicoli, Coach, Pepperdine University & USA Women’s Beach Volleyball

Chaired by Phil Ferrar , Director, People Academy (USOC's partners in the National Team Coach Leadership Education Program) & Chris Clements, Coach Development Director, People’s Academy

All three coaches believe that the key ‘differential’ that helped them achieve performance excellence in their elite coaching programs is ‘The People Dimension’:

● Self Awareness (with use of psychometrics)

● People Acuity (being able to read people)

● Interpersonal Agility

● Self Management

Each story explores how they developed in all of these areas, enabling their athletes to excel in the Olympics and World Championships. With insight from the originators of The People Dimension.

13.25pm: Lunch

Engaging Fans Purposefully in 2018 - Convened by Purpose + Sport

At a time when citizens want to buy from, work for, invest in and support corporations standing for more than just profits, the need and opportunity to engage with fans in a more purposeful way is more important than ever. The panel of leading practitioners operating at the intersection of purpose and sport will explore the growing interest in purpose amongst fans and how this impacts upon the way that corporations, sports properties and non-profits should be engaging with fans purposefully in 2018 to drive business and social outcomes

Chairperson: Sebastian Buck , Co-Founder, enso

Mike Geddes , Managing Director, streetfootballworld

Joanne Pasternack , VP Community Relations and Executive Director, Warriors Community Foundation

Growing a sports team and brand

Increasing speed and performance using data analytics

14.15pm: Opening chairperson remarks - Using Social Media Fan Base Brand Affinity to Measure Sponsorship Effectiveness

Darin White, Ph.D , Executive Director, Samford University Center for Sports Analytics

14.25pm: Sponsorship ROI in a Social & Digital Era Scott Tilton , CEO, Hookit

14.45pm: The phenomenal growth story of how ONE Championship became the largest sports property in the history of Asia in 6 years

Victor Cui , CEO, International, ONE Championship

15.05pm: How the CrossFit Games are developing its sport and brand

Justin Bergh , GM, CrossFit Games

15.25 pm: Panel: How our understanding of consumer behaviour and media consumption patterns is shaking up sports sponsorship and brand development

- How do changes in the global consumption of media effect the present market in sports brand development and sponsorship? How are we measuring the digital reach of sports brands?

- Delivering innovative campaigns to engage with new consumers

- What are the opportunities presented to sports properties in understanding their fans better - eg. personalized messaging.

- How do we factor in the implications of new, as yet unrecognized, disruptive technologies in the valuation of sports brands?

- Delivering impactful content to multicultural consumers; employ an engagement plan that reaches all audiences authentically.

Mike Schoenbrun , Chief Revenue Officer, DC United

Kurt Hunzeker , VP, Marketing Strategy & Research, Minor League Baseball

Sharilyn Mayhugh , Managing Director, Entertainment, Circuit of The Americas

Allen Hermeling , Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships, Chicago Cubs

15.55 pm: Panel: How to build fan avidity with content-centric marketing

- Increasing the level of interest, involvement, passion and loyalty of fans in a region. How can we use creative marketing to build emotional attachment to sports properties and events?

- How can we measure fan avidity? Behavioural expressions eg. games attended, merchandise purchased, watching games, playing fantasy sports etc.

14.15pm: Opening chairperson remarks

14.20 pm: Technology to drive performance - the hidden differences are critical

- Acting as a testing ground for new electric motor technologies and artificial intelligence

- Creating a car that can adapt to every single turn, use the information feedback from the car’s real-time sensors and the position of cars around it to see how it can improve its lap time.

Bryn Balcombe , Chief Technology Officer, Roborace

14.40pm: Improving BMX performance

- New insights into sprint biomechanics and determinants of elite

Jaime Staff , Director of BMX, USA Cycling

15.00 pm: Biometric evaluation of swimmers

- Developing a data rich understanding of swimming performance

- Improve training decisions by acquiring insight into the relationship and interactions between training and race performance attributes and metrics. Implementing the use of commercial and open source software.

- Biological and Physiological monitoring: Acute to Chronic Monitoring App launched with the national team this year. Review our Sleep Monitoring, Cortisol, and Altitude Acclimatization approaches

Keenan Robinson , High Performance Director, USA Swimming

15.20 pm: The technology that powers the America’s Cup racing yachts

- How international sport’s oldest competition embrace technical innovation

- The making of the modern America’s Cup sailor; How the requirement to produce near constant power during racing has elevated fitness and output to unheard levels in the competing teams.

Ian Burns , Director of Performance, Oracle Team USA

15.40 pm: Panel: Creating a high performance culture and supporting coaches with the latest technological innovations

- What do we mean by a high performance culture? What does it look like? What do you hear, see and feel when in one?

- How to best engage coaches in the ongoing and rapidly evolving technological solutions

- How to optimise adoption, the key to successful implementation

- How to build a future proof roadmap, rather than short term solutions

- Using data to train for a mix of speed and powerRyan Castle, Head Water Polo Coach, Indiana University

- Strategies to increase fan avidity in purchasing and social dimensions which relate directly to revenue generation activities.

Jonathan Lowe , SVP of Business Development & Brand Strategy, AEG Sports

Alan Verlander , CEO, COO, JAXSPORTS Council; TaxSlayer Bowl Steve Wallace , Chief Marketing Officer, Invictus Games

Erika Bjork , VP, Marketing & Communications, Sacramento FC


Cheri Mah , Sleep Research Fellow, UCSF Human Performance Center

Andrea Wooles , Research and Innovation Manager, Cycling Canada Cyclisme

16.25pm: Afternoon refreshments

Chairperson: Luke James , Director, Sports Innovation Network

16.40 pm: Vegas Golden Knights: Building a NHL franchise from the ground up

- Establishing a rabid fanbase and cementing loyalty in the community

- Launching a Lifestyle Brand through hockey in the entertainment capital of the world

- Creating a world class entertainment experience that is second to none

- Keys to Sustaining the Success

Brian Killingsworth , Chief Marketing Officer, Vegas Golden Knights

16.55 pm: Panel: Developing an interactive digital platform and collaborating with digital influencers

- Creating apps to build an interactive companion experience providing sports fans a wealth of data and statistics as they watch live TV

- How clubs and associations are using digital influencers to get their messages across and interact with a fan base.


Steve Olechowski , Founder, Blinkfire Analytics

Fabrizio Capobianco , CEO,

Jason Angelides , Executive Director, Technology and Product, Cable Division, Comcast Cable

Jamie Reid , Head of Digital Media, 2022 FIFA World Cup

17.30 pm: Panel: Driving international growth in pro- and mass participation sports

- Finding and interacting with new fans

- Improving sports franchise success through social media Chairperson: Luke James, Director, Sports Innovation Network

Murphy Reinschreiber , COO, Conqur Endurance Group/the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

Brett Wallace , Senior Director, Global Event Marketing, IRONMAN Rosie Spaulding, GM, Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018, USA Rugby

Endurance sports

16.40pm: Training by numbers, racing beyond them: The key to success in endurance sports

Mark Allen , Owner, Mark Allen Consulting LLC & 6-time Ironman World Champion

17.00pm: The ELITE study (Exercise at the Limit - Inherited Traits of Endurance) - Genetic profile of the best endurance athletes of the world

Dr Mikael Mattsson, Visiting Assistant Professor, Stanford University

17.20pm: Achieving success at the Giro d’Italia and approaches to competition in 2018

Aike Visbeek , Sports Director, Team Sunweb

17.40 pm: Panel: Endurance Sport: Integrating sports science, analytics and intuitive coaching to drive the best performance

- What is the best practice for training intensity and duration distribution in endurance athletes?

- Tracking sleep and recovery

- Reflecting on intensity, duration, and frequency to measure training load.

Jack Ransone , Director of Nebraska Athletic Performance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Carwyn Sharp PhD , Chief Science Officer, National Strength and Conditioning Association

Mark Allen , Owner, Mark Allen Consulting LLC & 6-time Ironman World Champion

Aike Visbeek , Sports Director, Team Sunweb 18.10pm: Close of 2017 Sports PDFE Summit

Morgan Buckley , General Manager, Development, World Rugby

18.05pm: Close of 2017 Sports PDFE Summit

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